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High School Sports Tournament Information

Tournament Information:
The volleyball team will play @ Eastern on 10/19 at 6:00.
Here is a link to the full volleyball bracket.

Girls Soccer
The girls will play at home on 10/20 at 5:00.
Here is the link to the girls soccer bracket.

Boys Soccer
The boys will play at home on 10/21 at 5:00.
Here is a link to the boys bracket.

Tournament Ticket Information
All tournament tickets must be purchased online through the OHSAA. No tickets will be sold at the door. If tickets are purchased on the day of the event, the cost will be $10. If tickets are purchased before game day, they are $8.00. Passes will not be accepted @ LC. Here is the link to purchase tickets. Search Lynchburg-Clay under the particular sport that you want to purchase tickets for.

Mark Faust

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